Michigan Sucks

It gets kind of cold in Michigan, and one of my hobbies is gardening. Since the frost is nearing it’s time to start doing some cold care for my veggies. Here’s a video on how to make some hoop house to keep your plants warm and toasty. I’m planning on adding some Earthen Plaster to the mix to keep the beds a little extra warm. Earthern Plaster is that stuff they make Adobe houses out of, so it’s really good at retaining solar heat.

My Plans for next year for the garden include an irrigation system and maybe a soda-pop solar reflector to give my plants a little more boost. I’m also doing Sunflowers next year, which are major resource hogs, so the reflector might be good for that. To make the reflectors, I’m going to use an old scout trick of chocolate + aluminum can. Hopefully this makes my harvest a little richer due to the amount of shade in my backyard. Here’s a video on how to make the plaster if you’re interested.

This year my plants did ok in the raised beds we installed over the spring but my greenhouse plants were much better because of the improved conditions. I’m thinking of insulating the inside of the greenhouse with some of this plaster so that next years frost won’t be so damaging.

Here’s some pics of the work in progress, taken a little earlier this year.