Virtual Band Shirt 4 the Sims 3

Was playing around with the Sims 3 Create-a-Pattern tool and made this t-shirt for my sims dude. It didn’t center it at all and I’m much too lazy to actually figure out how to do my own meshes, so this is all I got. I did  a bunch of other things for my super awesome mansion amongst the good villagers of TrailersVille.

If you really want a copy of this t-shirt, I’ll email it too you.


The Band Goes Skateboarding

One day we were all sitting around, trying to figure out what to do. So we played some music and then went out to the skate park to school the kids on how to board. Here’s some clips from that day.

Jam Session 2

This is just a little jam session I put together. I didn’t mix it down or anything, but I figured it was OK for a garage quality sound. Effects in this one are just distortion and wah really but it turned out pretty good. I’m thinking about doing some stuff with more reverb and maybe some phasers or compressors, and I might figure out a way to get Delay into some of my stuff. Delay is kind of tough though unless you got a band to play accompany guitar, it’s really more of a lead. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though.

For the video, I used Windows Movie maker, which is pretty easy to use and I like it because it’s free. I tried to add two effects to the video, but appeartly you can only do one, even if you mix the first vid, then apply the effect to the already worked movie. Pretty dissapointing, but what do you want for free right?!

I might get a trial of Vegas or some Muvee software for the next video, and I’ve been learning how to use the green screen, so I’m looking forward to more. It’s pretty fun. 🙂

Girl Down On the Corner

This is a song me and the guys recorded for Chaotic Tendancies, since we never released an album I figured I’d put this on the Left Of Deth album. This was recorded in 1998 or 1999 while we were playing around garages in Port Huron. We played this song at a few gigs but mostly just covered Nirvana, since it was popular at the time.

Originally, this song is about our guitarists sister, who was like one of our groupies. It was our attempt, as a band, to make fun of her. Anyways, people liked it and we played several versions of this songs in the years that followed until the band broke up. This songs on Guitars on Fire, which is available in the webstore link on this page.

I Want This GAME!!!!!!