Bands that Have influenced me The Most and Why

1. Faith No More– Because A. They got 3,000 people to my website because they kick ass. B. Because they rock so fucking hard. and C. They are Epic!

2. Jimi Hendrix– Because he was crazy on the Axe.

3. Clapton- Because he could play some mean blues.

4. All the Members of Black Sabbath, Past and Present-Because of their mystical story telling ability and kick ass guitar playing.

5. The Foo Fighters because they are still rocking good music today.

6. Iron Maiden– Extreme Technical Guitar Skills and great story telling ability.

7. Jimmy Page– Because he can play some mean guitar.

8. KISS& Alice Cooper– Because of their great stage prescence.

9. EVH– Because of his awesome guitar ability.

10. Sublime, Bush, The Beatles, Jack White, Primus, Hootie, because of their cool attitudes.

There’s lots more but that’s the Top Ten.


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